Translation Services Dubai UAE

When you want to set up a company in Dubai or UAE, you need to know that all your business setup documentation has to be submitted in Arabic and stamped. Any miscommunication in legal and business contracts can lead to serious problems later. To remove the language barriers that pose as impediments in your path to establish a business in UAE, Royal Business Solutions provides English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services in Dubai. You should choose us if you want the best quality translation in UAE in a short time, at the most affordable rates. We also offer pick-up and delivery of your original and translated documents, anywhere in UAE, free of charge.

If you don’t want to get lost in translation, find a phone and call  Royal Business Solutions today!

Royal Business Solutions Services:

Legal Translation

We have a team of legal translators, who are accredited and authorized by the Ministry of Justice. The team checks the content, analyses its implications and then translates the text. Our translation is accepted for all official submission to embassies as well as all government agencies in UAE. Our Dubai translation services package includes providing clients with power of attorneys, employment contracts and any legal contracts that are required for your business setup in UAE. Our legal translation experts are thorough in their knowledge of UAE civil and company law as well as legalese related to company formation, labour, residency and naturalization processes. For the best legal translation services in Dubai, get in touch with Royal Business Solutions.

Commercial Translation

When you spend lots of money on advertising your brand and marketing your products, you do not want to lose potential clients only because your content was not translated properly or was not sensitive to the culture of the target audience. Whether it is for letters, reports, press releases, newspaper articles, accounting and management documents, Royal Business Solutions offers translation services in UAE for all your marketing needs. Our talented and experienced editors will ensure that the correct message reaches your target audience.


Avoid embarrassing mistakes and the consequent risk of losing important clients with Royal Business Solution's proof-reading services. Our expert Arabic editors check all your content before it is submitted or published in any journal or website. An eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of the target audience has helped our translators become recognized proofreaders in UAE. Our copy editors check the multi-lingual content for grammatical and sentence construction errors as well as highlight and change glaring errors and mistranslations.

 Why Choose Royal Business Solutions:
  • Free pick-up and delivery of documents throughout UAE
  • Low-cost and quick services
  • Best quality translation
  • Accredited and government-authorized legal translators