Company Liquidation Services

Trade license cancellation is the most important part of company liquidation in Dubai or UAE. Companies need to liquidate when they do not have enough funds to continue daily operations, to pay their employees or service their debt. Liquidation also becomes inevitable when a company commits a serious offense or corporate fraud and UAE business regulatory agencies begin investigating and find violations, or when the company gets a legal notice that affects its regular operations. For company liquidation in UAE, trade licenses need to be cancelled. Once the business license is cancelled, the same one cannot be re-activated. For trade license cancellation, you need to submit various documents and get different approvals from the government and federal agencies, depending on the type of business license you hold.

Royal Business Solutions gets you the quickest, most reliable and affordable company liquidation services. Our experts are registered with UAE regulatory agencies and work with approved auditors and legal liquidators for mainland limited liability companies as well as free zone companies in UAE. We arrange for all the government clearance certificates, handle your banking and also help with labour and immigration clearance documents. In case of professional and industrial companies, we get the final cancellation letter for your trade licenses as well as expired licenses. Over 15 years, we have aided in liquidating several companies and are well-versed with all legal and regulatory issues for company liquidation in UAE. Royal Business consultants will be happy to assist you during the process of company liquidation, in a cost-effective manner.

LLC Company Liquidation process :

  For LLC company liquidation, the company board needs to pass and notarize a resolution, detailing the intention to liquidate the company and also needs to appoint liquidators. The company personnel will also have to get no-objection letters from the company sponsor, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Etisalat UAE, Ministry of Labour and Immigration as well as Road and Transport Authority. You will also be required to get the bank account closure certificate and a no-liability certificate, for company liquidation in Dubai. Besides this, limited liability companies will need to get a shareholders’ resolution, to dissolve the businesses, notarized from the public notary and procure a company dissolution letter from the economic development department.

Royal Business Solutions UAE Company Liquidation Services:

  • Our legal team prepares the paperwork for company liquidation
  • We help you prepare the company board resolutions
  • We connect you with liquidators
  • We submit all the necessary documents to DED and get the company dissolution letter from the department.
  • We put the company liquidation notice in a newspaper
  • We get the clearance letter from Etisalat
  • We get the clearance letter from Dubai municipality
  • We get the clearance letter from the customs department
  • We help you close your bank accounts and get the no-liability certificate
  • We get your financial statements audited for company liquidation
  • If we sponsor your company, we provide the no-liability certificate
  • We get your employees’ visas cancelled
  • We help you get your investor and partner visas cancelled
  • We get your employees’ labour cards cancelled
  • We prepare the liquidation report and submit it to the department concerned.

In case of professional trade licenses and expired licenses, we get the final cancellation letter.